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Outstanding value

2800mm $78,000 + GST
3200mm $91,000 + GST
4200mm $102,000 + GST

Delivery and on-site assembly / Commissioning is not included in pricing

KDT – an introduction:

KDT Machinery are a major manufacturer of panel based Woodworking machinery with over 20 years of technical knowledge and experience. They export successfully to all major world markets.

With a comprehensive range of Edgebanders (7000 + sales annually!) Beamsaws ( 1400 sales annually) Panelsaws, Flow through boring and material handling production give KDT experience and backup you can rely on.
Modern R&D division driving continuous improvement and quality control . KDT use world recognised Brand components to ensure quality and ease of service.

Competitively priced without compromising on the quality of parts and construction achieved with clever engineering combined with streamlined volume production to deliver Beamsaws representing exceptional value for money.

Key Performance Parameters:

Max. height of the pack 120mm
Saw carriage drive by servomotor. Accuracy-Speed-Durability,
Working speed of the saw carriage 0.5-95 m / min.
The return speed 1-120 m / min.
Programmable pusher speed 95m / min.
Ten pneumatic double-finger grippers on 4200mm , 8 on 2800 and 3200mm
Air cushion worktables and bed
Automatic blade height to match stack height > improves cut quality
Auto Beam Height setting –
Pre-positioning of side – aligner,
Saw carriage travel matched to cut length –>improve cut cycle times

Clever machine bed design

CAD designed with the maximum permissible loads and requirements for the machine design calculated and modelled.
The welded frame is tempered to remove all internal stresses in the material, then machined on a five-axial metal-working CNC – including all the mounting holes and plates

Heavyweight performance

Heavy steel construction of top pressure beam with integrated dust extraction
Precision machining of mounting pads and large diameter guide rails ensure perfectly straight and smooth saw carriage travel.
Massive heavy duty steel frame guarantees accuracy and precision.

Powerful cutting

Separate powerful main 18.5 kw and scoring saw with quick blade change.

Improved cut quality

Automatic cut height projection – to improve cut quality

Optimised saw travel

Movement of the saw carriage by 2.2kw servomotor. ( Optimised travel cycle and fast and powerful)
Heat treated precision rack and large diameter pinion drive gear

Fast accurate side aligner

Optimised cycle time prepositioning. Capacity to 2400mm - fast 24m/min positioning

Dual side alignment by rack and pinion and lineal guides for maximum strength and accuracy, Pressing against crosscut fence on both sides of pressure beam to suit all panel sizes

Heavy laser cut steel construction
with soft rubber guide rollers to eliminate any panel edge damage.

Powerful double finger grippers

Gripper design guarantee panels will not move. Powerful air cylinders to provide maximum grip

Nylon tips will not damage panels but ensure maximum grip on the panel surface.

Heavy duty cast aluminium gripper construction for trouble free service.

PC with ‘PRECUT’ Optimising Software

Windows based Industrial PC controller. Graphic display showing each stage of the cutting process.

PreCut Optimisation software includes: Label printing with easy and flexible formatting and output for Printer (Printer not included)
Ability to Import Cut lists from Excel. Choice of Optimisation levels and Parameter / headcut mix.

19 " Touchscreen - clear and quick

Air cushioned bed and tables

An air cushion in the work area eliminates scratching of sensitive Panels. Complements the 4 air cushion worktables on 4200mm ( 3 tables on 2800 and 3200mm models)

Worktables re-positioned easily to suit panel sizes

Other things you will like

Quick blade change system
Safety fence 1.8 metres high with interlocking access door.
Top quality CE compliant Electrics and Electronics

Want more info?

Contact us for Video links and full Feature: Benefit detailed product report



Footprint 7800 x 6800mm
Max. cut length 4200 mm
Max blade diameter 400mm standard, 450mm option
Scorer diameter 200mm
Max cut speed 95m/min
Saw return speed 120m/min
Pusher speed 95m/min
Weight 6000- 6860kg
Main blade power 18.5kw / 25hp
Scorer power 1.5kw / 2hp


*Price excludes GST. Freight or installation is excluded.

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