Wide Belt Sanders. 600 – 1300 mm. Single and twin belt

Our Range


Solid Timber

3 Widths


All available in single and twin belt versions

Solid timber sanding

Designed for timber components, slabs and laminated timber panels

First head 80 shore rubber for calibrating

Second head 60 shore roller and fine sanding platen combination

Working groups

Single head is combination Roller and finish sanding Platen

Twin head - 1st head is contact roller followed by the combi roller and platen head for 1 pass finishing

Electronic setting

Automatic, electronic table height setting

Simple controls with amp meter on each head to assist with feed speed selection

Variable feed speed

Fully variable conveyor mat speed via the Inverter

Heavy duty build

Wherever you look -

Powerful performance

630mm Single Belt :15hp
630mm Twin Belt :15 and 10hp

1000mm Single Belt :20hp
1000mm Twin Belt :25 and 15hp

1300mm Single Belt :30hp
1300mm Twin Belt : 30 and 2hp

Safe and easy to set

Safety interlocks on doors
Safety barrier across infeed


Max working widths 630, 1000 and 1300mm
Minimum workpiece length 630,1000mm 350mm
Minimum workpiece length 1300mm 500mm
Feed speed 630mm 4-30m/min
Feed speed 1000mm and 1300mm 6-30m/min
Total power 630mm single/twin 12.37kw / 19.87kw
Total power 1000mm single/ twin 19.5kw / 30.74kw
Total power 1300mm single/ twin 41.74kw/ 56.74kw
Working thickness 630mm 2 - 120mm
Working thickness 1000 / 1300mm 2.5-140mm
Weight 630 single/twin 1380/ 1700kg
Weight 1000 single/twin 2150/ 2600kg
Weight 1300 single/twin 3000 / 3600kg


*Price excludes GST. Freight or installation is excluded.